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Drop civilization, and with it, mobile phones with computers: the time of the primitive world and savages has come. Start your fascinating journey in a world full of mysteries for a still young race of people:
Only the strongest will survive: nothing will hold your primal rage - take what you want, rob anyone you want and kill anyone you want.
Old-new world: sell your knowledge of the world to other savages, identifying unknown objects for them.
Pure tactics: enjoy a completely new tactical battles system.
War of Thrones
From the graphic or gameplay point of view, no innovations were introduced with the advent of the game, but on the other hand, it allows us to immerse even more deeply into the atmosphere of the work "Song of Ice and Flame" much better than all the predecessors that were made, first of all , it is for commercial purposes, and not to enrich the game universe. This is the first thing that highlights the Game of Thrones Ascent.
Castlot is one of the most famous online strategies, created based on medieval stories and fantastic adventures. The magic in this game is super fun and exciting.The main goal of the game is to expand the boundaries of its own fortress, which is assigned to the player automatically after registration.
Rail nation
If you aren't into the popular gaming shooters these days like Apex Legends or even World of Tanks, you may like Rail Nation. Unlike those games though, there is no kind of apex legends boosting you can get to reach the top ranks. No this game is extremely difficult. Struggle to stay on the rails. These trains for on for forever, but will not stay on the tracks for long. Try to compete for the top leaderboard spot.
League of Angels
League of Angels, not to be confused with League of Legends, is an amazing and fabulously beautiful browser game that is ready to tell an unusual story about Angels and give every user an opportunity to feel like a real hero. More precisely, to give the opportunity to command the heroes. In this world you will not be bored, in addition to the vast lands and metas, in addition to beautiful graphics, this world also has quite extensive opportunities, which are becoming more and more with each new level. The game will be glad to accept and train each user who is interested in fantasy, battles and virtual beauty.
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